Stem Cell Injections: Exploring Myths vs. Facts With the PRP Tampa Experts

Stem Cell Injections: Exploring Myths vs. Facts With the PRP Tampa Experts

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The words stem cells often have negative connotations, but they shouldn’t, because the power they hold in terms of medicinal benefits are virtually boundless. Stem cell therapy is a quickly evolving field of medicine, but there are still many who are skeptical.

The reason for this skepticism largely has to do with a variety of myths surrounding stem cell injections. Today, we’re here to take a look at some of the most common stem cell injection myths, and then bust those myths to provide you with the real facts.

Myth #1: Stem Cell Therapy is Unproven and Unsafe

One of the biggest concerns that so many people have is that stem cell therapy is dangerous and unproven, but that just isn’t true. In reality, it has undergone extensive research and many clinical trials.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, stem cell therapy is safe for a variety of purposes. This includes issues such as immune system disorders and blood disorders, among others.

A closely related type of treatment, PRP therapy, sees patients injected with a concentrated form of their own platelets. This allows the body to take advantage of its own natural healing processes, and this is known for being both safe and effective.

Myth #2: These Treatments Immediately Cure Everything

With all of the myths surrounding stem cell research and treatments, one of the most prevalent is that stem cells are able to cure just about everything immediately. However, this is of course not true.

Stem cell therapy is able to promote the repair of injured and diseased tissue. However, this is not immediate, and sometimes not even very fast. These procedures often take great amounts of time to take full effect.

Furthermore, exactly how long and how effective stem cell therapy is depends on how severe the condition is and the individual’s pre-existing health.

Important to note is that PRP injections promote long term healing, but generally do not provide immediate pain relief. PRP is about accelerating the repair process.

Myth #3: It Causes Cancer

Another myth surrounding stem cell therapy and PRP injections is that they may cause cancer. Now, technically speaking, the risk here is theoretical. There is virtually no evidence that links stem cell therapy to risks of developing cancer.

The cells used in these treatments are processed and characterized in such a way to minimize any risks. This includes the risks of the cells dividing and becoming cancerous. PRP Tampa locations such as South Tampa Regenerative ensure the utmost safety for all patients.

Myth #4: Stem Cell Injections Are Only for Chronic Issues

The other myth we want to bust today is that stem cell injections are only for chronic diseases and issues. Although chronic diseases and issues can certainly benefit from stem cell injections, those with acute injuries can also benefit. Those with the means may use stem cell injections to recover post-surgery, to heal acute injuries, and even to bounce back from cosmetic procedures.

Myths and Facts of Stem Cell Injections

The evidence that stem cell injections have positive results is very clear. Don’t let all of the myths and falsehoods out there keep you from taking advantage of a type of therapy that could change your life for the better. Click here to find PRP near me

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